Snowflake Clownfish : For Sale & Info

The Snowflake Clownfish are very popular variant of A.Ocellaris that have alot of irregular white markings on the body. Snowflakes are graded for their percentage of white and the attractiveness of their striping.

Very active fish, they get used to people and aren’t aggressive.

Snowflake Clownfish for Sale

You can buy a Snowflake from a local fish breeder, but they also can be found online. Try and find the best place to make your purchase of your new clown fish.

Places where you can buy fish online.


New Premium Snowflake Clownfish Video
Premium Black Snowflake Clownfish Video
Snowflake Clownfish Information

  • Size: 1-3 inches
  • Reef Safe: Yes excellent Reef Fish
  • Diet: Wide variety of prepared flake, pellet and and frozen meaty fish food.
  • Tank Size: 30+ gallons
  • Care Level: Easy