Picasso Clownfish : Info & For Sale

Picasso Clownfish are extremely highly sought after variant of the Percula Clownfish. Picasso Clownfish are similar to the regular Percula Clownfish, but the stripe pattern are very different.

Grading of Picasso Clownfish is based on the amount and shape of the white markings.Picasso Clownfish for Sale

Buy Picasso clowns from your local clownfish breeder, but you can also find them online. Below are some places online you can buy clown fish.

Temperament & Captive Care

This is very peaceful and hardy fish. They thrive in saltwater aquariums with anemone or without one present.


  • Reef Safe: Yes
  • Diet: Omnivore .
  • Tank Size: 20+ gallons

Picasso Clowns Video
Picasso clown fish spawning Video