Clarkii Clownfish

The Clarkii Clown Fish has an yellow-orange but some are a brown with a orange head and like the some other clownfish they have three white strips on their body. They are very peaceful and not as aggresive as some of the others.

They accept a larger number of anemones than most other breeds of clown fish.The Clarkii is also know as the Sebae clownfish and as an Anemone Clownfish. This fish does not need an anemone to live and breed. They are just as happy with out one. But if you already have an anemone they will adopt it as there own if has not already been claimed by another. With this clownfish as with all the clowns they like to swim alot so make sure your tank is big enough so they will be happy, healthy and you will be wise. For one make sure you have at least a 30 gallon and with a pair have at least a 60 gallon.

They love caves so they will require you to have a few.Clark’s are omnivore’s which means they eat both animal flesh and plants. They will need to eat a varity of foods so make sure you change their diets so they can get every thing they will need. Just like humans, the clownfish dont want the same thing every day or they wont get all the vitamins they will need. You can feed them frozen brine, frozen mysis shrimp, flakes also they will eat some live foods.

The Clarkii will grow to around 5-5.5 inches, depending if you have a tank rasied or wild caught one. The ones that are raised in the tank are going to be healthier. The ones that are wild caught are likely to have different health problems. So if you can always buy tank rasied clownfish.

Galaxy Clarkii Clownfish

Seeing a beautiful galaxy clownfish you will fall in love. The very beautiful Galaxy Clarkii Clownfish was developed by Bali Aquarich in Indonesia.

Galaxy Clownfish Designer Fish

These designer clown fish look awesome, new strain of the ever popular Clark’s clownfish picture is of Galaxy Clarkii Clownfish Pair. Galaxy Clarkii Video Below.